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10 Tips For Travelling With A Disability

Hello, it's Ana here! If we haven't met before then let me quickly introduce myself. I'm very proud to be a member of the Limitless team that helps customers find and plan their holidays. I was born with arthrogryposis, so I know all too well the challenges of travelling with a disability and how having the support of a company like Limitless can make such a difference.

When I first joined Limitless I honestly couldn't believe the destinations we were offering - a Safari in South Africa?! If you had told me that 10 years ago, I think I would have laughed you out the room. "Not a chance." But with Limitless it is possible, and I just think that's amazing.

I love to travel, always have. I've cruised the World, swum in the sea for the first time in the Caribbean (not a bad place to start), and explored many beautiful places throughout Europe, including Rome and Barcelona. 

What I have learnt on my travels? Well, quite a lot! Here are my top 10 tips for travelling with a disability. I really hope they inspire you to take the plunge, book that dream holiday, and never look back.

Tip 1. Planning Is Key

Planning the different elements of your trip will help to ease any stress in the build up. Even small details, such as, how many plug sockets are there in the room? Do I need to take an extension to charge what I need? It will give you great peace of mind to have these answers before you leave. 

 From my experience, doing this by yourself can be a bit of a hassle, that's why I like to travel with expert providers like Limitless so I don't have to worry about such details, as I know everything has been checked for me. 

Tip 2. Travel With An Open Mind

I know how all too easy it is to sometimes slip into a negative mindset. This may be because things haven't gone quite to plan, or perhaps you're finding the new surroundings overwhelming.

 At this point I take a deep breathe, and simply remind myself why I'm doing this - I'm on holiday! I've wanted to do this for years, and now I'm here!! Taking this moment to reset really helps.

Tip 3. Don't Worry If Things Sometimes Go Wrong

It's not always going to be plain sailing, but don't worry, if you're travelling with Limitless then our team will be there to quickly sort any issues that may arise. You'll be back to enjoying your holidays in no time. 

Tip 4. If You're Flying, Get Printed Confirmation!

I was once nearly turned away from boarding a flight with my chair. All was sorted in the end, largely thanks to the kindness of one passenger, but from then on I have always brought printed confirmation that I am allowed to take my chair onboard.

Bonus tip: be prepared to repeat yourself to different staff members at the airport, yes it's frustrating, but keep calm and just remember that it will all be worth it once you're sipping on cocktails by the beach.

Don't forget, if you're flying from the same airport as the Limitless team, or booked onto a 1-1 care package, then we will be there to support you throughout.

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Tip 5. Pack More Than You'll Likely Need

I recently read a travel blog that recommended packing lightly - I say it's better to bring a few 'extras'. Extra clothes, medication, home comforts. It will give you the peace of mind that you have everything you need, and more. 

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Tip 6. Remember To Take Lots Of Pictures

Videos as well! Bring a camera, snap away, get them printed, and then put them in a scrapbook or up on the wall to look back on fondly.

Tip 7. Don't Be Afraid Of Group Travel

I was, and now I LOVE IT!

Unlike travelling with non-specialist tour providers, with Limitless you'll be going on holiday with a small group of like-minded people, so you'll never feel out of place. As soon as you've met everyone you'll feel instant relief... and then you'll wonder why you were ever worried in the first place.

Tip 8. Always Ask For Help When Needed

Before, during, or after your holiday. Even if you think it's a silly thing or you're unsure of the response. That's why we're here. Please please please just ask. 

Tip 9. Stay In Touch With Those You've Met

Meeting new people is one of my favourite things about going on holiday. Having shared such a wonderful experience together, why not make the effort to stay in touch. Perhaps create a Facebook group to share pictures and funny stories from your travels. 

Tip 10. Ease Yourself In

If travelling with a disability is new to you or a loved one, then take it easy to begin with, both in terms of where you're travelling, who you'll be travelling with, and what you'll be doing. 

For me, the Limitless experience is the perfect taster to build your confidence. Yes, there are cheaper options (which I've tried), but you most likely won't have the support you need and you'll be travelling with such a range of people and abilities. I would always recommend paying extra for quality, it will put your mind at ease that everything has been taken care of, and that your holiday will be memorable one, for all the right reasons!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to schedule a call with our wonderful team. There's no pressure to book.

Limitless Love,


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