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Disability Travel Insurance

Travel With Confidence

We want you to have the most relaxing time ever on holiday. However, through our years of experience, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong - items get lost or stolen, or injuries can occur. However rare these incidents can be, it's always wise to get insurance cover before you travel for complete peace of mind.

We know that many travel insurance companies do not adequately cover people with disabilities at affordable prices. That is why we have built up connections with disability travel providers who will give our customers the best rates to ensure nothing gets in the way of your holidays. For more information, contact us today.

Travel Insurance

Who is suitable for disability travel insurance?

While we don’t provide disabled travel, we can direct you to travel insurance companies that provide excellent rates for disability travel insurance. Disability insurance has been designed with the following people in mind: 

➤ Those who have broad spectrum physical or learning disabilities

➤ Those with limited mobility or are registered as disabled

➤ Those with long and short term disabilities

➤ Those who need prescribed medication for their disabilities

Travel Insurance

What are some of the benefits of disability travel insurance?

While it will depend what disability travel insurance you ultimately choose to go with, the providers we recommend will typically offer travel insurance that covers: 

➤ £10 million emergency medical cover

➤ An emergency 24-hr helpline

➤ Family cover is available

➤ Existing medical conditions cover

➤ Reparation cover for all insurance policies 

➤ Bespoke medical screenings

➤ Winter sports, cruising or golfing policies available

➤ Worldwide cover - as long as you’re not travelling against the advice of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Find the right travel insurance provider for you

Find the right travel insurance provider for you

Click below to view a fantastic directory of all UK insurance providers that covers pre-existing medical conditions. It's an official Government-run page that enables you to search for providers based on your needs, such as age, destination, and type of diagnosis.

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Travel Insurance for Disabled Adults FAQs

How do I travel abroad with a disability?

If you want to travel abroad, but you have a physical or learning disability, at Limitless, we can help. From accessible cruises to long and short haul trips, the world truly is your oyster. We work hard to give our customers memorable travel experiences, while caring for all of their physical, mental and emotional needs. 

Our tours will typically include access to travel aids, pick up at your home address, carers on hand to support you and fully accessible travel, hotels, and excursions.

Does travel insurance cover being unable to travel?

Travel insurance may cover you if you’re unable to travel. If you fall ill unexpectedly or you become injured and therefore cannot travel, usually, your travel insurance will cover the expenses of the cancelled holiday.

If the illness is due to a pre-existing medical condition that you were aware of before booking the holiday, then cover is unlikely. Likewise, this policy will likely not cover any treatment of an injury or illness that started before your trip began.

Will travel insurance be available for over 70s?

Many companies may not provide travel insurance for the over 70s, but if you’re over 70 and require travel insurance, we can steer you in the direction of insurance companies that will cover you.

If I travel with a carer, and they fall ill what will happen?

If you’re travelling with a carer and they are injured or fall ill, this can really affect you, too. Many specialist travel insurance providers for people with disabilities know how important a carer is for so many of our customers, so in many cases, they will provide an emergency carer. This means that all of your needs will be covered in such rare circumstances.

How much does travel insurance for disabled adults cost?

The final cost of your travel insurance will depend on a wide range of different factors, including: 

➤ Your disability or condition’

➤ The travel destination(s)

➤ How long you’ll need the cover for 

Remember, we’re here to support you and we’ll be able to recommend travel insurance companies suitable for disabled people, with insurance provider at a fair price.