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That Limitless Feeling

3 Travel Experiences I'll Never Forget

When I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy aged 22, I knew that my future would never be the same. But at that moment in time, I could never have predicted how my life and my mindset would be transformed.

I agree with those that say having a disability can be a liberating experience. I’ve done things in the last decade that, without my diagnosis, I may never have achieved.

Limitless offers an accessible holiday to the paradise that is the Caribbean, and on a recent visit I decided to try three things that I've always wanted to do. And nothing was going to hold me back this time.

1. Scuba Diving

The experience was truly incredible, swimming 12 feet under water, completely weightless, made me forget any worries. I just felt free.

Hans, our diving instructor has 20 year’s experience of taking people with all needs diving, including those with no movement or mobility. I can't recommend scuba diving enough for any disabled person, it was a life changing experience for me and one I can’t wait to do again.

2. Swimming With Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins was dream-like, their movements so elegant, from dancing, to diving, and even a kiss on the cheek (cheeky). It was a truly surreal experience.

Sharing the water with them was magical. Your body can move with effortless grace, feeling as strong and whole in the way you’d imagine life to be with no disability. The water takes your disability away.

3. Snorkelling With Turtles

I’ve always loved swimming in the sea, and in particular snorkelling, however for several years neither has been possible.

Not only was I able to step in the sea with minimal effort, I was able to snorkel from the beach! Less than 10 metres out there is a beautiful reef, time almost stands still when you're out there.

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