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Holiday Overview

Discover some of Spain and Gibraltar's most thrilling coastal destinations as you cruise the Mediterranean aboard P&O’s ship Britannia. With her maiden voyage in 2015 the Britannia has all you would come to expect. The Britannia offers 27 restaurants and bars on board including the Oriental Restaurant, The Limelight Club and The Epicurean. Accessible Cabins are available along with 4 pools (one of which has a pool hoist.) For entertainment you will find 8 theatres and lounges and entertainment venues on board so theres plenty to keep the whole family entertained.

As you set sail your first port of call is the romantic Cadiz. Almost entirely surrounded by water this pretty city gives an insight into Spains Arabic Heritage. Its then off to Ibiza, better known as the clubbing capital of the Med due to its legendary nightlife, you will see the Balearic island of Ibiza has much more than simply that to offer. You will then be whisked away to Mallorca where you will have two days to enjoy its authentic restaurants and tapas bars. Following this its on to Cartagena, an ancient city with a name to match - it was founded more than 2,200 years ago by Carthaginian leader Hasdrubal. Your last stop will be visiting Gibraltar. A British Overseas Territory with a mix of British and Mediterranean charm which offers over 300 days of sunshine yearly.

Throughout your trip, you’ll be accompanied by the Limitless Team, who will provide care, support and assistance as and when you require it. On the ship, if required your cabin can be fully accessible, as are the vast majority of the Britannias other facilities.

 If you would like more information about accessibility aboard the Britannia, we recommend getting in touch with one of the Limitless Travel Advisors on 0800 711 7112.

The Holiday

  • Enjoy the romantic atmosphere of Cadiz, Marvel at the ancient architecture of Cartagena and indulge in the sumptuous tapas in Mallorca.
  • Home-pick up included (first 100-miles included in the package) 
  • The Britannia is equipped with 27 restaurants and bars, 4 swimming pools, a Spa and wellness centre and 8 different theatres and lounge areas to keep all entertained.
  • 14 nights in a full-board, Cabin of choice on P&O’s Britannia cruise ship.
  • Full board cruising includes a Continental breakfast that can be delivered to the cabin, or full breakfast lunch and dinner served in the non speciality restaurant's as-well as snacks, tea and coffee.
  • Group support included as standard and provided by our experienced care team
  • Supplementary care packages available for travellers who require additional assistance
  • We’ll also help to arrange any specialist equipment you need while on holiday
  • Every holiday led by a Limitless Tour Manager to ensure a problem-free trip

From booking your holiday to returning home after a wonderful trip, the Limitless Team is on-hand to provide you with the support you need. If you have any questions regarding the holiday, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

** Limitless Travel carefully pick out cruise itineraries to ensure minimal anchor ports (where a small boat or ‘tender’ transports guests to shore) Unfortunately port changes can happen due to a number of reasons while at sea. Limitless Travel will not be held accountable for any port changes.

The Itinerary

Embarkation - Southampton.


Your adventure begins! Home-pick up (within the first 100miles), or pick up at Southampton Central or Airport, or free parking included. From here, we’ll make our way to Southampton’s cruise terminal to board P&O's world-class Britannia cruise ship.

 When boarding the Britannia, the Limitless team will help get your bags to check-in, after which the crew will take them directly to your accessible cabin. You’ll also benefit from Priority Boarding, so you’ll be exploring the ship before you know it!

 Included: full board on the ship

Heading South

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As with most cruises, your holiday properly starts at sea. Today you will get time to know the ship as we head towards the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean, taking in the spectacular sea views as we go and making the most of the ship’s impressive facilities. You will have the chance to meet the rest of the group and get to grips with your new home for the next few days.

Entering the Mediterranean

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By now you should be comfortable in your new home and getting an understanding of where everything is on this beautiful ship. With so many different activities on board from live shows, quizzes, bingo, karaoke and cookery classes it can be hard to plan what you want to do. So keep a look out for the Horizon paper which will show the daily schedules and where everything can be found.

Cadiz - Spain

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Land Ahoy! Today the ship will dock at your first port. After a hearty breakfast the Limitless staff will instruct everyone where to meet so you can enjoy this beautiful city.

Romantic Cadiz boasts thousands of years of history and has been one of Spain’s most important coastal cities for much of the country’s past. One of the spiritual homes of flamenco, it’s a city with a unique character and visible Arabic heritage, ensuring it’s an enchanting stop on your cruise. Almost entirely surrounded by water, Cadiz is one of the Iberian Peninsula’s hidden gems and a favourite amongst many Spanish travellers. The locals are known for their welcoming, down-to-earth character and the city’s restaurants are seafood specialists, so make sure you sit down for some fresh fish before you leave.

At sea

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Back on board the ship today as we sail towards your next thrilling destination. Consider a visit to the onboard library, where you can unwind on deck with a new novel, surrounded by the splendid Mediterranean weather. Since you're aboard the Britannia, why not embrace a quintessentially British activity by partaking in a classic afternoon tea when hunger strikes? Indulge in a tempting array of freshly baked scones with jam and cream, all accompanied by your choice of specialty fine teas in several of Britannia's main dining areas.

Ibiza - Spain

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Now recognised as the clubbing capital of the Mediterranean due to its legendary nightlife, the Balearic island of Ibiza offers more than just revelry. Delve into the charms of its capital, Ibiza Town, particularly the Old Quarter, where you'll discover a 16th-century citadel and fortifications rising steeply from the harbour. The Gothic Catalan cathedral, functioning as both a museum and a testament to the island's history, adds to the Old Quarter's allure. For a dose of contemporary art, explore the Museu d'Art Contemporani.

Stylish designs await in the chic fashion boutiques of the lower town, alongside numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars. If relaxation is the order of the day, venture to the nearby family-friendly beaches at La Salinas and Es Cavellet, providing the perfect setting to unwind by the sea.

Mallorca - Spain

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Today, the Britannia docks in Mallorca, granting you two full days to explore and wander through this captivating city. Dominated by its iconic Gothic cathedral, Palma, the capital and cruise port of Majorca, has undergone a recent transformation, emerging as one of the most sophisticated hotspots in the Mediterranean. Upscale shops seamlessly blend with authentic Balearic restaurants and tapas bars in this easily navigable city.

Starting from the harbor, adorned with luxurious yachts, make your way up to the magnificent cathedral. As you stand in awe of its grandeur, consider the remarkable fact that it took 500 years to complete. Surrounding this ancient structure, which offers impressive views, is a network of side streets and alleys, providing a glimpse into the city's rich cultural past and Moorish influences. Take the time to wander through these charming pathways, immersing yourself in the multifaceted history and heritage that Palma has to offer.T

Mallorca - Spain

< >

Awakening in port after a day filled with exploration yesterday, you now have a second chance to relish this spectacular city. Don't forget to collect all your souvenirs and consider venturing towards the old town. As you stroll through the old town, you'll find yourself on the lively Passeig d'es Born, lined with numerous cafes offering a taste of the local specialty – freshly baked spiral pastries known as ensaimadas. Additionally, take the opportunity to explore the distinctive circular Castell de Bellver, providing a captivating overlook of the bay to the west.

At sea

< >

After an action packed few days, today you will get the chance to relax on board, as you head towards your next port. If you are feeling like you would like some "me" time why not investigate the on board spa and wellness facilities. They even have a hair dresser!

Cartagena - Spain

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A city steeped in history and boasting a name that reflects its age – founded over 2,200 years ago by Carthaginian leader Hasdrubal – Cartagena has evolved into one of Spain's bustling commercial centres. Upon stepping ashore, you are immediately immersed in its rich historical tapestry. Even as you approach the harbour, flanked by imposing fortresses, the city's antiquity becomes evident. In the heart of the old town lies the original Carthaginian castle and remnants of the ancient city walls. However, Cartagena is a city that embraces the contemporary, exemplified by the new harbourfront development, which includes the unique National Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

At sea

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By this point, Britannia may feel like your second home, and we're confident you've been exploring the multitude of offerings on board. Given the array of dining options, it's easy to overlook the specialty choices, such as Sindhu, offering a contemporary twist on Indian cuisine. While these options may entail a small extra charge, it's a worthwhile indulgence during your holiday. If a specialty restaurant catches your eye, we recommend booking through your onboard app early, as the exceptional cuisine tends to be in high demand. The dedicated Limitless staff will be readily available to assist with any bookings if needed.


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As a British Overseas Territory blending British and Mediterranean charm, Gibraltar stands out as a premier destination with over 300 days of sunshine annually. Formerly known in ancient times as the Pillars of Hercules, this location offers a unique perspective on the proximity of the coast to Morocco, with the possibility of glimpsing the mountain ranges across the bay. Wander through the shops, where you're certain to discover a variety of souvenirs and trinkets, or visit the beach, bordered by brightly coloured local fishing vessels. However, keep a watchful eye, as Gibraltar is renowned for its playful Barbary apes.

At sea

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As the ship begins its northward journey, today presents the perfect chance to indulge in one of the onboard pools on the Britannia. Equipped with a pool featuring lift access, they are accessible for everyone to enjoy. If swimming isn't your preference, consider making your way to the Crows Nest. With its spectacular views and delectable cocktails, it's easy to lose track of time as you sit back and watch the world go by.

Heading Home

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As you wake for your final full day aboard, take the time to exchange memories and stories with your fellow Limitless passengers. Revisit your favourite venues or explore something new before your departure. With numerous attractions on board, there's likely plenty you haven't experienced yet. Have you had a chance to visit the art gallery?

In the evening, dress up and prepare to savour your last night of entertainment. Sit back, laugh, sing, dance, and relish in the enjoyment of your final evening before arriving in Southampton in the morning

Disembark - Southampton


After your last breakfast, we’ll help you check-out. Your bags will be taken down by the Britannia's crew and our care team will be on-hand to assist you. From here you will join the transfers back to the pick-up points, relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for your next Limitless adventure. We can’t wait to see you again!

Included: Breakfast

If travelling abroad, please refer to travel advice issued by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

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