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Electric Wheelchair Hire

Limitless Travel’s electric wheelchair hire service offers the support you need for your next holiday. We have a wide range of electric wheelchairs for hire that can be delivered to your hotel before you arrive. Our staff will be help you with the controls, and we’ll even take care of its return once you are ready to go home.

FAQs - Electric Wheelchair Hire

How does your wheelchair hire service work?

Simply get in touch with the Limitless Travel team on 0800 711 7232 and we can discuss your options. We’ll need to ask a few questions about your weight and height in order to find the right wheelchair for you, and then we’ll take care of the rest.

And if you need any additional mobility equipment or accessories for your holiday, talk to our team and we'll try to ensure you have everything you need.

Why do I need an electric wheelchair for my holiday?

With our electric wheelchair hire service you will have less to worry about during your time away. It ensures you have the mobility you need to get more from your holiday and can plan ahead safe in the knowledge that everything is taken care of for you. 

Hiring a wheelchair also removes the worry of your own electric wheelchair breaking down, being damaged or being lost in transit.

What type of wheelchairs for hire do you provide?

At Limitless we offer a variety of different types of electric wheelchairs that fall into the following categories:

Lightweight electric wheelchairs

These are designed for local use and are ideal if you intend to remain in and around your hotel and holiday resort during your stay.

Mid-sized electric wheelchairs

You have the option to break these models down for car transportation and they also give you more battery life – a popular option for many people.

Large electric wheelchairs

If you need more comfort and extra room, a large electric wheelchair allows you to travel further and in style, with lots of added features including mirrors and indicators.

Extra assistance with your wheelchair will be available at the resort, where you can speak with a member of staff who can show you how it all works.