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Angus' Glasto Experience

"I felt like I was a VIP"

There are so many amazing things about Glastonbury, but one thing no one seems to talk about enough is the accessibility across the site and the incredible work the Glastonbury access team does to support disabled festival-goers. The support they provide goes above and beyond, and they don’t just enable you to participate, they enable you to experience everything it has to offer and make you feel like you are a VIP.


This year I was able to hire a scooter and see parts of the festival I haven’t seen since I first went ten years ago, when I was more able-bodied. I was able to reach one of the highest points of the site and see this amazing sunset with my beautiful wife, Lucy Drummond.

Getting to experience the festival's thoughtfulness for disabled people was empowering and uplifting, and it made me even more proud of the work we do at Limitless, helping people with disabilities to live a limitless life and to experience all of its wonders without stress or worry. And who knows, perhaps Limitless will one day be holidaying at the farm!


Founder of Limitless Travel

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