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Marc and Sam Set Sail For The Fjords

Five years ago Marc had an accident which left him disabled and needing care. Since then, for Marc and his partner Sam, booking holidays by themselves has become an experience where there's little relaxation, and a lot of worry.

Discovering Limitless early this year, they decided to book their first cruise holiday. As we glided through the Norwegian Fjords, we asked them all about their experience...

What made you choose Limitless Travel?

Sam: It takes an awful lot of research when organising holidays by ourselves. We end up booking holidays where we don't have 100% confidence that it's going to meet all of our needs.

We saw what Limitless offered and jumped at the chance. Knowing that we'd be travelling with a company that knows what they are doing made the anticipation of the holiday far more enjoyable.

Marc: The last holiday we went the hotel wasn't suitable, they had lied about their accessibility, with only a step in shower available. We realised we needed help. 

How have you found your first cruise holiday?

Sam: Really positive, really relaxing. We thought cruises were just for old people! When we made the decision to look into a Limitless cruise it was booked within an hour.

Knowing that the Limitless team was going to be on board gave us that reassurance that should anything go wrong, it'd all be ok and taken care of. Marc always worries I'm not having a holiday, so it was nice that we could both relax this time.

Marc: I noticed that you really look out for the partners when they need it. That's so important because most people don't realise a disability happens to a couple, not just the individual. 

What has been your holiday highlight?

Sam: Seeing the Fjords, waking up to these beautiful views is absolutely stunning. We probably haven't taken advantage of everything the ship has to offer, but we did what we wanted to, which was enjoying a good book with an incredible view. 

I must say, I also just enjoyed the atmosphere onboard. I didn't even think about beforehand, but everyone on the cruise seems really relaxed and happy.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about booking a cruise?

Sam: I remember the first conversation with our Limitless Travel Advisor where they said the best thing about the cruise is that you never have to worry about accessibility. And it's so true. You can properly relax. So I would say, give it a go! We were unsure but have really enjoyed the experience.

Marc: For both of us its been great. I've been able to do stuff by myself with the help of the care team so that Sam could also enjoy a holiday.

Sam: You're opening doors to us that we didn't know were still open. What's next? We're hoping to go to Sicily!

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