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Disabled Holiday Accommodation

Do you feature disabled holiday accommodation on your tours?

Yes - at Limitless Travel we pride ourselves on featuring a wide range of hotels for disabled travellers that are vetted to ensure they're completely accessible.

This means they can be traversed by wheelchairs and include important facilities such as wetrooms, profiling beds and hoists.

All our holidays run as tours and you’ll be joined by the Limitless team who are there to offer help and support. During excursions and while at your wheelchair accessible accommodation, you’ll be accompanied by like-minded travellers.

This results in a community-feel like no other and you're sure to make new friends and long-lasting memories. Whether you're a wheelchair user or have an invisible disability like autism we're always happy to accommodate you. 

What about disabled holiday accommodation in the UK?

There is a wide range of fantastic disabled holiday accommodation in the UK, much of which we use on our UK tours. All wheelchair friendly accommodation included on our tours has been vetted by our experienced teams and is also hand-picked for its superb location.

For instance, our wheelchair accessible accommodation in Blackpool is right on the coast, while our Scotland tour features a stay in a countryside manor. When it comes to transportation to and from our disabled holiday accommodation, we’ve also got it covered with our trusted accessible coaches.

Do you use disabled friendly hotels in Spain?

If you’re chasing the sun, you can’t go wrong with our disabled holiday accommodation in Spain. We've partnered with hotels for disabled travellers in locations like AndaluciaCosta del SolBenidorm and Fuengirola, all of which benefit from plenty of good weather throughout the year.

This provides the perfect weather to enjoy the pools which are made accessible via ramps and hoists. With locations in both Spanish cities and the countryside, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

What about wheelchair accessible accommodation in Italy?

Like all of our hotels, our disabled holiday accommodation throughout Europe and in Italy has been chosen due to its excellent disabled facilities. As always, you will also be joined by our tour managers and qualified carers who are present on all of our tours.

The Italian tour will take you to our Sicilian hotel for disabled travellers, which features accessible pools, amazing weather, Italian cuisine and is located close to a number of sightseeing locations.

What about disabled holiday accommodation in Cyprus?

As previously mentioned the location of our hotels is important and this is very much the case with our disabled holiday accommodation in Cyprus. We always make sure that our hotels have all the necessary facilities such as restaurants within a very local vicinity.

Our hotel in Cyprus has all those important amenities as well as being close to great locations such as the Kykkos Monastery, the accessible Latchi Beach and Paphos.

What other destinations do you feature?

The destinations don’t stop there, we have a lot more disabled holidays tailor-made for those with disabilities and the elderly available which all include wheelchair accessible accommodation.

Whether that's something close in the UK like Llandudno and Devon to sunny paradises like Tenerife and city breaks in Paris.

Two people sitting on a beach with a wheelchair nearby.