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Shower Commode Hire

If you would like to hire a shower chair for your holiday with Limitless Travel, we can offer the support you need to get more out of our getaway. Commodes are the ideal solution if you need additional support getting to and from the toilet. Commodes are portable and come with a removable pan for added convenience.

Our expert team can arrange the hire of different commodes to suit your needs on holiday.

FAQs - Shower Commode

What is a shower commode?

A shower commode is a chair that can be used in the shower or on the toilet to give you extra support. If you require extra mobility assistance in the bathroom, a commode can make things easier, and it can also be used to transfer from one room to another.

A shower commode is ideal for doubling up as both a shower chair and a commode to offer you more back and arm support. It has wheels to make the transition around he bathroom and bedroom easier, as well as breaks and arm rests that lift up so that you can also side transfer.

What is a self-propelling shower commode?

A self-propelling shower commode offers people more independence. Like a manual wheelchair, you can manoeuvre around your bedroom and bathroom without a second person pushing your chair. It also has breaks and armrests that lift up, making transferring in and out of the chair easier.

What is a reclining shower commode?

A reclining shower commode is perfect for people who ned some additional support and range of movement to feel more comfortable. The reclining function also makes it so that you are less likely to slip out of the chair. Like a shower commode, you can use this around the bathroom and your bedroom.

Do I need a commode for my holiday?

You can use our commode shower chair hire service if you or your carer believe you need extra support in the hotel bathroom or shower. If you find it difficult to stand for long periods, using a shower commode allows you to sit down and remain safe whilst on a slippery floor.

Hiring one can take away a lot of stress and worry before you depart for your holiday and allow you to maintain your normal routine, even whilst being away from your home comforts.

How can I hire a shower chair?

Instead of bringing your own and struggling to find a way to include it in your luggage, simply get in touch with the Limitless Travel team on 0800 711 7232 to discuss your options.

We can then arrange for the shower commode to be set up in your hotel bathroom ready for your arrival, and we will also take care of its removal at the end of your stay.

You can also hire a wide range of additional accessories and mobility equipment through Limitless and our support team will be more than happy to help.